Whale Watching on Cape Cod

whale watching in cape codIt was years since I had been out on a boat ride in the Ocean; probably a good, solid 25 years.  On a recent vacation trip to Cape Cod a few of us had some time to kill (while hungover from the night before) so we thought it was worth the time and money to head out off the Cape to view the experience of whale-watching.

It reached close to 90 degrees that day but felt more like 65 with a breeze once out in the water, which was nice.  It took about 45 minutes to see our first whale; just North from the Race Point Lighthouse off the Cape Cod Bay.

The watching continued for a solid two hours, including scenes of dolphins.  Being a photographer is was definietly a different scene that I’m use to capturing, but well worth it.  You can view the entire album here: ToddShots Photography – Cape Cod Whale Watching

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