Swimming With A Baby Sea Lion In Perth Australia

Perth, Western Australia has a coastline that offers a variety of coral reef, surf and sea-life.Because of this there is never a dull moment when entering the Ocean.

Recently a group of close mates and myself started to get involved with freediving/cavediving, there is something about exploring with the fish through reef caves with nothing but board shorts, fins and snorkel set that is quite freeing and relaxing. The amount of sea-life available and welcoming in this environment is unpredictable, the video below highlights this, despite how the media influences WA’s coast as extremely dangerous focusing largely on the unfortunate shark attacks, it is still a world worth exploring.

In this video, during our weekday freedive/cavedive session, just off Ocean Reef, we were welcomed by the local resident of the area. A baby Australian Sea-lion, joining in on the cavedive. Nothing short of amazing to be welcomed in the Ocean by a playful, friendly and adventurous creature. He spent a few minutes sussing us out, seeing if we were a threat or not. He seemed to identify our long freediving fins and challenge us to see who was faster and who could hold the breath the longest. Wasn’t shy and seemed to love the attention of being much faster and mobile in the water, showing off a number of tricks. This was a great distraction from the cavediving, all five of us freedivers interacted with the Sea-lion, an experience that is always highly entertaining and easily an example of the Ocean’s ability to amaze and create memories/stories worth sharing. After an hour of playful company, we had to say our goodbyes. The baby Sea-lion followed us all the way back into shore, showing it wasn’t just us who enjoyed the company. This particular Sea-lion is well known to the area, interacting with Stand Up Paddle boarders and swimmers regularly. Although one should always respect and treat these creatures with safety and caution, I am sure if you are in the area he will pay you a visit. Best thing to do is to let them come to you, many Sea-lions are struggling to survive around the world, the last thing they need is people scaring off their potential food source. Allow them to welcome you, if they look unwell try and keep your distance.

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