Make sure you bring this stuff to the #ocean every time you go


Hey let’s go to the beach! it’ll be fun. Hurry Hurry Hurry! We all want to get to the ocean and have fun on the beach. But sometimes when I rush I forget things.

Here is a list of What you’ll definitely need on the beach.

Do it simply. Gather all of these items, then keep this stuff in a bag and even in your car. This way when its time to get up and go… you’re already ready to go. Now you have time to make a sandwich or something.

stuff-on-the-beachBeach Bag Essentials:

  1. Water bottle
  2. Bathing suit
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Towel
  5. Sunscreen/Sunblock
  6. Beach bag
  7. Insect repellent
  8. Lip balm with sunscreen
  9. Sandals/Flip-flops

Other Important Beach Items:

  • Beach Hat
  • Cooler
  • Beach blanket
  • Beach umbrella
  • Water shoes
  • Beach reading
  • Music player
  • Beach and water toys
  • Chairs

And as always don’t forget your camera so we can capture awesome memories and beautiful ocean photos.

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