5 Reasons Why I Love The Ocean More Than You

Everyone loves the ocean. Him her, you, them. But no one loves the ocean as much as me. I actually love the ocean so much that I created a list as to why I love the ocean more than you. Yes I did it for fun, and I'm not serious. I mean I do love [...]

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The Ocean Is In My Soul

Submitted by Mary Eddy I grew up in New Hampshire, raised by a mother who dearly loved the ocean and a father who liked the ocean because he dearly loved my mom. My early yearss  were spent surrounded by all things marine, including many trips to Hampton Beach. I remember tide pools full of ancient [...]

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Holiday to Wales

I went on holiday to Wales in August. And, on the second day, I went in the ocean for a swim. The highlight was seeing dolphins leaping in and out of the water behind me. It was amazing to see those beautiful creatures, in such a beautiful environment. The ocean that day was very calm, [...]

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