Capturing a Birds Eyes View Of The North Shore of Oahu

Tyler from Chicago Illinois and was Vacationing in Honolulu, Traveled up to the north shore capturing a birds eye view of beautiful Oahu. With an artistic twist he edited the footage shot on a DJI Inspire 1 Drone. I've been to the North Shore of Oahu too and it truly is beautiful and worth sharing. [...]

Swimming With A Baby Sea Lion In Perth Australia

Perth, Western Australia has a coastline that offers a variety of coral reef, surf and sea-life.Because of this there is never a dull moment when entering the Ocean. Recently a group of close mates and myself started to get involved with freediving/cavediving, there is something about exploring with the fish through reef caves with nothing [...]

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The Beach Is A Soulful Place For Me, It’s My Church

Submitted by: Sherri Coner Every painful decision in my life has been made on a raft. Since childhood, I have felt calmed and safe in the sand. The beach centers me. After going through a painful divorce a couple of years ago, I moved to Ft Myers Beach, Florida. And a few months after making [...]

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