See How One Brewery Is Working To Save The Ocean and Feed The Fish

One craft brewery that loves the ocean could influence big beer and soft drink companies to replace plastic six-pack rings with edible ones, potentially saving millions of sea creatures. A brewery started by surfers, fishermen and “people who love the sea” has developed edible ring-holders for their six-packs of beer. Brewery Creates Edible Six-Pack Rings [...]

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Spending time at the Ocean will make you feel better!

The study, co-authored by Michigan State University’s Amber L. Pearson, is the first to find a link between health and the visibility of water, which the researchers call blue space. “Increased views of blue space is significantly associated with lower levels of psychological distress,” said Pearson, assistant professor of health geography and a member of [...]

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Capturing a Birds Eyes View Of The North Shore of Oahu

Tyler from Chicago Illinois and was Vacationing in Honolulu, Traveled up to the north shore capturing a birds eye view of beautiful Oahu. With an artistic twist he edited the footage shot on a DJI Inspire 1 Drone. I've been to the North Shore of Oahu too and it truly is beautiful and worth sharing. [...]

We’ve Got One Of The Most Viral Facebook Photos In History

I'm so happy the I Love The Ocean community made Business Insider Magazine. Check out the article where they feature our viral facebook photos. It's from 2012, but it's still pretty cool to get recognized. Here's the original article: This is great! The whole idea for building this community is to share our ocean [...]

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