What is your favorite ocean movie?

What movie always makes you think about the ocean? Everyone has a go-to movie that you watch when you're thinking about or miss the ocean. I watch Jaws over and over again when I'm on Cape Cod. But I also like to watch Point Break, Summer Rental and One Crazy Summer. Let's build the ultimate [...]

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Make sure you bring this stuff to the #ocean every time you go

Hey let’s go to the beach! it’ll be fun. Hurry Hurry Hurry! We all want to get to the ocean and have fun on the beach. But sometimes when I rush I forget things. Here is a list of What you’ll definitely need on the beach. Do it simply. Gather all of these items, then [...]

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Walking the Rock Pier in Providence Town Massachusetts

Ever had the time to walk the rock pier in Providence Town? Many people come for the shopping or the arts. But providence town is full of cool beaches, bike trails in the dunes and things like this rock pier. Make sure if you make an attempt to walk the rock pier you dress appropriately [...]

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21 Beach Hacks You NEED for the Summer

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, our clothing is getting shorter...this can only mean one thing: SUMMER is upon us! And if you're anything like us, you're ecstatic. So to help you get ready for the epic beach days in your future, we put together this awesome list of beach hacks. Leggo! 1. [...]

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5 Reasons Why I Love The Ocean More Than You

Everyone loves the ocean. Him her, you, them. But no one loves the ocean as much as me. I actually love the ocean so much that I created a list as to why I love the ocean more than you. Yes I did it for fun, and I'm not serious. I mean I do love [...]

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Pass-A-Grille Beach St Pete Florida

Blue From Feet Up! By: Todd Pass-A-Grille Beach in St Pete, Florida is known for its extraordinary view (including sunsets), dolphin sightings, and fantastic fishing, but this photo captures what I like about Pass-A-Grille Beach the best...blue from feet up! I can almost feel the sand between my toes right now.

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Oregon Coast Sunset Lincoln City

Oregon Coast sunsets never disappoint. This is my favorite place. By: Heather This gull looks so majestic as it soars through the golden rays of this Oregon coast sunset. Lincoln City is a mesmerizing spot to watch the sun go down over the ocean, as captured here. One of my favorites places.

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We’ve Got One Of The Most Viral Facebook Photos In History

I'm so happy the I Love The Ocean community made Business Insider Magazine. Check out the article where they feature our viral facebook photos. It's from 2012, but it's still pretty cool to get recognized. Here's the original article: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-20-most-popular-photos-2012-12?op=1 This is great! The whole idea for building this community is to share our ocean [...]

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