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There is so much to love about the ocean, and everyone loves it in their own way. It inspires, and changes the lives of so many.

With so many things colliding related to the ocean and the world we live in, It’s important to try to see the perspective of all. From the people who are swimming and surfing the seas, the ocean scientists studying it daily and pretty much everyone who the ocean inspires when they sea it.

Love the ocean in your own way and tell everyone about it.

We want you to get a little taste of what everyone loves about the ocean. This website gets a lot of its content from the people in the world who love the ocean, just like you.

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Take a moment and see what they think, and check out their contributions. And if you want to share, please feel free to share your photos, stories or whatever you like about the ocean on our site here.

There is something about the ocean that can change a person. Its so powerful and captivating. Millions of people are drawn to it. Families plan vacations to visit it, couples fall in love and almost everyone you talk to will have an experience about the ocean to share with you.